Are Healthy Eating Trends Taking A Bite Out Of Your Diner’s Profits? 3 Strategies For Appealing To Upscale Tastes In A Down Home

Managing a restaurant takes a lot of hard work, and you've loved watching your business grow over the years. Lately, however, it might seem as though your profits have gone stagnant as more people turn toward healthy eating trends instead of hanging out at their favorite greasy spoon. While you know its time for a change, you might be worried about losing your regulars if you alter the cozy atmosphere or cut their favorite foods. Fortunately, you can use these strategies to include a few upscale dining trends while maintaining the characteristics that make your diner the best in town:

Simplify the Options

If your diner has been operating for years, then it's possible that your menu has grown several pages long. While lots of options are good for business, it can also turn off potential customers who prefer simplifying life. Take a look at your menu to determine if there are ways to make your menu easier to read. For instance, you can simply list eggs on the menu as part of a breakfast dish, and let the customers tell you how they want them prepared instead of listing each type.

Make Old Favorites New Again

Naturally, you don't want to remove popular options from the menu that you know get ordered every day. You can transform certain dishes by making only a few changes. For instance, you can swap your current frozen hamburger patties for grass-fed beef and include options for organic toppings such as romaine lettuce and heirloom tomatoes. With changes such as these, your regulars will only notice a better flavor while new customers will take note of your diner's emphasis on healthy eating.

Market Your Menu

Once you've tweaked your menu to add some healthier options, make sure to let prospective customers know that you choose to use ingredients such as organic beef by listing it in the description. You can also post the menu online with some professional pictures of popular dishes, and remember to put out a few posts on social media to let everyone know about your new, healthier options.

In the restaurant industry, you have to keep up with the trends to continue to draw in new business. While keeping your regulars happy is always important, you can appeal to a broader audience without losing a customer by making subtle changes that new customers will notice. By knowing how to simplify and increase the freshness of every item on your menu, you can serve your customers food that is as good for them as it tastes.

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