How To Provide Cigarettes At Your Upscale Bar For Cheap

Upscale bars can rake in big bucks, especially in metropolitan cities. If you have an upscale bar and lounge that serves appetizers, top shelf drinks, and bottles of high dollar liquor, you can provide a luxury service that brings you a high margin of profit. Something that many people would like to have in conjunction with their alcohol is tobacco and cigarettes. You can sell quality cigar brands inside of your bar and lounge, but one good freebie to offer is cigarettes. In order to be able to offer cigarettes for free, you will need to keep the cost of these items as low as possible. Here are a few ways to keep the cost of the cigarettes at rock bottom, in order to keep customers happy. 

Purchase wrapping paper and tobacco leaves

If you are interested in keeping the cost of your cigarettes low, you should invest in the bulk raw materials. Purchase bulk cigarette wrapping paper to create the cigarettes by hand. Along with bulk wrapping paper, invest in tobacco leaves rather than loose tobacco. Tobacco leaves can be shredded as you see fit and placed inside of the wrapping paper to create handmade cigarettes. You and your staff can create the cigarettes regularly and keep them stocked to pass out. 

Offer one cigarette with each drink

If you want to make sure that you offer a service of value and a service that is easy to financially sustain, you can offer one or two cigarettes along with the drink. This will make the cost of a mixed drink or glass of liquor well worth it. If the cigarettes are offered free in conjunction with another service this also means that the cigarettes are being passed out in a fair manner to all customers. 

Name the cigarettes yourself

If you want your cigarettes service to be renowned with customers, consider naming and trademarking the cigarettes that you make in your store. This trademark can be registered in conjunction with the trademark for your bar and lounge. Creating a name of the cigarettes may allow you to sell them by the pack in the event that your cigarettes become requested. If you use different types of tobacco leaves, you should trademark different names for each particular leaf type that you use. Be sure to ask customers for feedback on the cigarettes to determine if a brand will be profitable for your store and reputation.

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